Working With IJC Architecture

    This manual is an extension to basic IJC information provided earlier. We strongly recommend the developer have an understanding of:

    • IJC terminology

    • How IJC items fit together

    • The information presented in the IJC User's Manual

      Instant JChem essentially has three different layers:

      1. The DIF model and persistence tier

      2. The core IJC application (based on the NetBeans platform)

      3. Modules that add functionality to the core application

    {info} Whilst the 2nd a 3rd layers are based on the NetBeans platform, the DIF layer is not dependent on it (it does use some NetBeans libraries, but these are generic libraries and can be used outside the NetBeans platform). This makes the DIF tier suitable for creating non-NetBeans platform based applications


    To use the 2nd and 3rd tier you should get a good understanding of the NetBeans platform . Note: you do not need to use the NetBeans IDE to work with Instant JChem or DIF, but it does provides some useful features for developing NetBeans platform based applications, so you may wish to look at this if you are not already a NetBeans IDE user

    Further discussion of IJC API and the JavaDocs can be found in the IJC API Discussion page.