Dashboard page

    After login the user is automatically redirected to the Dashboard page. This is the first page of the application, which can be retrieved from other pages too, by clicking on the Compound Registration icon (first element of the navigation bar).

    Dashboard page

    The Dashboard page is a summary of all registration actions performed by the logged in user. The page consists of four panels.

    • My Recent Registration Statistics shows in a doughnut chart the total number of registrations, which consists of the sum of failed and successful registrations.

    • Bulk Upload panel contains the list of uploaded SD files. During an upload process this panel shows also the status of the upload process.

    • Staging area (formerly: Recently Failed Submissions) panel shows the latest failed submissions sent in by the current user. Unless these submissions were not assigned to the current user, they will appear in the " Registered by me " section. If failed submissions are assigned to the logged in user, they will appear in the " Assigned to me " section. If the failed submissions were sent by another user, but the current user is present as a "Submitter", it will be displayed on the Dashboard under the " Submitted by me " section.

      Clicking on one of the submissions will open them in the Submission correction page.

      More details about submissions can be found in the Staging area.

    • Recent Successful Registrations panel contains all the successfully registered compounds by the logged in user. Clicking on one item will open the submission on the Compound Details page.