Customizing Marvin OLE Editing Mode

    When you would like to edit a Marvin OLE object in an MS Office document, MarvinSketch can be opened in a couple of ways depending on the configuration of the OLE server.

    By default, when the OLE object is edited the editor opens embedded into the MS Office application. If you would like to see MarvinSketch in a standalone window during editing the OLE object, you have to modify the OLE server settings in the registry.

    In the C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\Shared\MarvinOLE folder, you will find different registry entries that can help you to modify the registry:

    • StandaloneModeForAdministrators.reg : This registry file is defined for administrators to deploy the Standalone Mode data editing company-wide as default for all users. This setting cannot be applied by restricted users since it is targeting to change a global part of the registry database. This global setting can be overridden by each user individually with running the StandaloneModeOn or StandaloneModeOff files (see below).

    • StandaloneModeOn.reg : This registry file is for restricted users to influence the global setting of default editing mode. This script switches the default editing mode to Standalone Mode. The in-place mode is optionally still available in every Office application by selecting the Edit menu point from the context menu on a MarvinOLE document.

    • StandaloneModeOff.reg : This registry file is to reset the default approach of data editing (as is after installation) when the in-place mode is the default data editing mode in the container applications.

    Just install the desired .reg file to modify the edit settings of the OLE server as described below.

    Installation of a .reg File

    • Navigate into the directory in file Explorer where the desired .reg file is located and right-click the file.

    • Select Open With... option from the popup menu. If regedit.exe is available in the list, select it. If not, commit the Browse button in the Open With dialog and find regedit.exe to select it. By default, it is located in the C:\Windows folder.

    • After selecting regedit.exe, submit the Open With dialog to run the desired .reg file with regedit.exe.

    UI Settings for Standalone Mode

    Marvin OLE represents a multi-document interface, which means that the users can edit more than one single document at a time. When using standalone mode all opened documents can be seen in child windows hosted in the main window frame.

    From version 5.12 a new setting is available for both administrators and users: for setting that these OLE documents should be opened in maximized window state. (Maximized window state is when the active document window overlaps, covers all other document windows.)

    Alt+Tab helps to switch among all opened documents as normally, but the active document child gets into focus with full size in the host.

    Registry key for this feature is as follows:

    [Maximized = DWORD value]

    The 0x1 value means True (display in a maximized way) and 0x0 value is the default False (display in a normal way)

    • For administrators, we have a key to set and change this setting by HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ChemAxon\MarvinOLE\Settings

    • For the current user, this setting is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ChemAxon\MarvinOLE\Settings which overrides the administrator value.