Plexus Connect - FAQ

    What is Plexus Connect?

    • What can I use Plexus Connect for?

      Plexus Connect: the major discovery user interface to access, display analyze and export scientific data. It provides multi-user web access to data. The data views can be created by the Instant JChem (IJC) form designer or inside the Plexus Connect as well. In Plexus Connect, you can browse, sort and search chemical structures and alphanumeric data; build and save queries and search hits as lists. You can export your data into various formats. You can share your chemical databases securely through the web with partners, collaborators, geographically separated teams, branches, with all your employees, or simply with everyone. Also, you can you use Charts functionality for data visualization. Charts is visualization and analysis tool for scientists and industrial data analysts with strong chemistry, biology and statistical functions.

    • Which licenses do I need for Plexus Connect in order to browse my Instant JChem database? Plexus Connect offers data management, data browsing and search tools. It requires a Plexus Connect license along with Marvin JS and Instant JChem Enterprise licenses. (The Marvin JS license is added automatically to your license file containing the Plexus Connect license.) The Instant JChem Enterprise license is required when you are using a remote database (such as Oracle, MySQL...), but Instant JChem also serves as an administrative tool for Plexus Connect. Migration from Instant JChem

    • What is the migration path from Instant JChem desktop to the Plexus Connect web application?

      Instant JChem is the administrative interface of Plexus Connect, hence using existing Instant JChem projects in Plexus Connect should work smoothly.

    • I already have Instant JChem. Can I publish my database and forms to the web?

      Yes, with Plexus Connect you can put your database views and existing Instant JChem forms on the web, and distribute them among your colleagues . Running Plexus Connect

    • How can I create new database views (forms or grids) for Plexus Connect?

      As an administrator, you can use the visual form designer of Instant JChem Enterprise to create new database views. Additionally, users can create their own forms inside the Plexus Connect, so they can see their data in a way they wish.

    • Can I connect to the same database from Plexus Connect and from Instant JChem?

      Yes, you can connect to the same database from both interfaces at the same time. You can even connect in administrator mode through Instant JChem while the Plexus Connect server is running. In this case, however, you have to make sure that you use a different user account for the Instant JChem login from the account which is used for running the Plexus Connect server.

    • Can I connect to more than one database schema at one time?

      You can connect to several schemas with Plexus Connect. In this case, each schema configuration file has to be placed in the ${HOME}/.instantjchem/ijcWebServer folder , where ${HOME} means the home directory of the user running the web server. You also have to make sure that every schema has the same security configuration.

    • Which chemical sketchers are supported in Plexus Connect?

      Currently, Plexus Connect supports only ChemAxon's Marvin JS editor. You can learn more about Marvin JS here. System requirements

    • Which database engines are supported? Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or you can use local Derby databases as well.

    • Which web application servers are supported? You can deploy Plexus Connect through Apache Tomcat, or run it standalone by using the embedded Jetty.

    • Which web browsers can I use Plexus Connect with?

      Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 7+. Hosted solutions

    • What are the options for using Plexus Connect as a hosted solution by ChemAxon? Is the software cloud-ready?

      Yes, ChemAxon can provide the necessary hardware and software for using Plexus Connect as a hosted solution, with the help of, for instance, Amazon's cloud services. Licensing

    • Which licenses do I need to run Plexus Connect?

      In order to log in to Plexus Connect, you will need a valid Plexus Connect license.

      Plexus Connect uses the Marvin JS chemical editor, which requires the Marvin JS license. This license is automatically added to the generated license file, which we will send to you.

      If you intend to use Plexus Connect with a remote database (e.g., Oracle or MySQL), you will need an Instant JChem Enterprise license as well.

    • Do I need an Instant JChem license, too?

      If you want to use Plexus Connect with a remote database, you will need an Instant JChem Enterprise license as well beside at least one of the Plexus licenses. Furthermore, since Instant JChem serves as an administrative interface of Plexus Connect, the system administrator need it for managing user accounts, database views etc. Getting Plexus Connect

    • Where can I try Plexus Connect?

      Please, contact us by email for a live demo of Plexus Connect.

    • How can I download Plexus Connect?

      Please, check the Plexus Connect product page for information on downloading or contact us by email. Upgrading Plexus Connect

    • How often do I need to update Plexus Connect, and what are the requirements?

      Just like with other products, ChemAxon releases a new version of Plexus Connect every week. Upgrading to a new version is optional, you can follow the new features added to Plexus Connect in our Plexus Connect - History of Changes.

    • How can I update to the latest version?

      Please, install the latest version of Instant JChem and deploy the same version of Plexus Connect. A detailed deployment guide can be found here. Security in Plexus Connect

    • How can I control who can access the data?

      With role-based security you can control which user groups can see a given view or query. If you use an Oracle database backend, you can use row-level security as well to specify which records can be seen by certain users.

    • How can I add/import data into a Plexus database?

      Data manipulation (import, add, edit, delete etc.) can be performed only by administrators through Instant JChem that serves as an administrative interface for Plexus Connect.

    • Who can edit the database?

      At the moment, Plexus Connect is a read-only application, users can browse and search the data they have access to. Administrators register data, design forms, and maintain the database using the Instant JChem Enterprise application. Troubleshooting

    • I cannot log in to Plexus Connect. What can I do?

      1. Make sure that you have permissions to access your schema.

      2. Open Instant JChem and connect to the schema in administrator mode. In the Schema Settings dialog, make sure that that the Connect schema automatically , Remember username and Remember password options are checked.

      3. The schema configuration file ( .ijs ) has to be put in its default location in the ${HOME}/.instantjchem/ijcWebServer folder, where ${HOME} means the home directory of the user running the web server. The schema configuration file has to contain the ijc.username and ijc.password properties, as well as the database.url. (Furthermore, in the case of a remote database, the database.username and database.password properties have to be added as well.) In addition, the IJC username and password has to belong to a user account which has administrator role assigned to it in Instant JChem.

    • What is the best way to report my issues or ask questions?

      If you want to report an issue or if you have any questions related to Plexus Connect, please visit our We will answer your request within one business day.