New Features in IJC Q2 2020

    Extended support for relevance ordering

    Support for JChem Choral and JChem PostgreSQL cartridge has been extended by relevance ordering. As a result of this functionality, the hit structures are sorted according to the similarity between them and the query structure – e.g. for similarity search, the more similar is the hit structure to the query structure, the higher is in the hit list. The relevance ordering functionality is available for substructure and similarity search in case of JChem Choral, respectively for substructure search in PostgreSQL.

    Undo/redo in Form Designer

    Undo and redo functionalities have been implemented for Design mode in the Form Designer. The following widget actions are undoable: Create new widget, Delete widget(s), Move widget(s), Resize widget. Undo is available only when the original action is connected to a view top-component. Each top-component has a separate undo queue for Browse and for Design mode. (Grid views have only Browse queue.) All undo edits are discarded when the top-component is closed. Browse queue contains value edits. Undo/redo in groovy editor top-component has also been improved.