Adding, Editing and Formatting Text

    In addition to atom labels, it is also possible to add blocks of text in a text box.

    These text boxes are resizable, outlined by a border, have a background, but are not fitted to the text automatically.

    Create a Text Box

    1. Click on the Text tool on the Tools toolbar or use the Text item of the Insert menu.

    2. Click and hold the left button, move the mouse, and release the button.

    3. To place the text box, click again.

    4. Type a text.

    The shape textbox is changeable or resizable by dragging one of its points or the selection.


    When the text box is selected and copy-pasted, the format (text style, size, color, alignment, super, and subscript, and so on) is preserved. When only the text is selected and copy-pasted, it is handled as text, that is, it can be recognized as a name or chemical file when pasted.

    Editing and Formatting Text

    The default formatting options can be set in the Preferences menu.

    To apply different formatting to the text, use the Text Edit toolbar.


    The following functions are available on the toolbar:

    • Font type

    • Font size

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Color

    • Subscript

    • Superscript

    • Symbols

    To edit a text select the Text tool and click on the text to be modified. The changes are applied only for the selected text box.

    The table below lists the formatting-related shortcuts.

    Shortcut Function
    Ctrl+B Bold
    Ctrl+I Italic
    Alt+↑ Superscript
    Alt+↓ Subscript

    To generate preferred IUPAC Names, navigate to Structure > Structure to Name and check the Generate Preferred IUPAC Name checkbox then click OK. The name is inserted under the structures and updates automatically.