Registering new structures

    The registration process is always summarized in a Registration summary .

    In case of successful registration, regardless if it is a single compound or multi-component compound, the Registration summary displays the IDs of the registered preparation.

    In case of a failing registration the Registration summary displays the cause of the unsuccessful registration, like in the case below:

    Registration Summary window for failed registration


    1. Click on the View this on Submission page.

    2. On the Submission page add a salt component from the Salt Dictionary in order to balance the charge of the compound.

      Adding a salt on Submission page
      images/download/attachments/1806443/Submission5.png images/download/attachments/1806443/Submission6.png
      Set multiplicity The new structure with salt
    1. Click on the Register button. Click on Proceed.

      Registering the new structure
    2. Inspect the Registration summary window.

      Registration summary window about successful registration