Recording Policy


    ChemAxon recognizes that clients or partners may want to document meetings and information sharing experiences while interacting with ChemAxon, and therefore, may wish to record such events and occasions (“ Meetings ”).

    Recordings include audio, video, live pictures and/or screenshots, made using any type of device which is appropriate for it, including computers, laptops, smart phones, phones, voice recorders of any kind, video cameras of any kind, and microphones that are made in connection with any representative of ChemAxon (including employees, contractors, agents and consultants, the “ ChemAxonians ”), related to any ChemAxon product or solution or are associated with a project or project possibility in collaboration with ChemAxon (“ Recordings ”).


    In order to make Recordings with any participant acting on behalf of ChemAxon, any recording activity must at all times adhere to the following requirements:

    • Before Recording, the operator of the Recording must seek and obtain permission to make a Recording from each ChemAxonian attending the Meeting. This process shall be recorded.

    • Each ChemAxonian that may be recorded must consent and grant permission to being recorded. Recordings may not be made if any ChemAxonian does not provide consent.

    • Everything that is being disclosed by any ChemAxonian and recorded during the Recording is considered as confidential information of ChemAxon.

    • Recordings are allowed to use for internal purposes only, to retrospect the information collected and can never be shared with any third parties or published, distributed, posted, presented in any form whatsoever without the consent of ChemAxon.

    • Under no circumstances can Recordings be used to create any product, solution, know-how, information, software, code or other ways of documenting information, which can compete with ChemAxon products and solutions or technology or any part thereof.

    • Any ideas, suggestions, implementation options, etc. shall not directly modify our existing contractual terms and conditions, circumstances, relationship or standard processes in any manner (scope, deadline etc.), unless both parties agree to amend such existing contractual documents in writing. Without doing so, the originally signed documents remain valid.

    • Individuals and/or entities that violate the recording policy may be asked to hand over and/or destroy the Recording, including any postings of the Recording that have been shared.

    • ChemAxon assumes no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage in connection with any Recording including without limitation damage to any recording equipment.

    • Any Recording shall be permanently deleted when the concerned project is discontinued or finished, but in any case, not later than three (3) months after the Recording.