Elemental Analysis in JChem for Excel

    For more information regarding this plugin, see Elemental Analysis Plugin.


    Returns the number of atoms in the molecule including hydrogens. The number of atoms having different types can be counted as well if the atomic number of an atom is specified.


    Returns the elemental composition given in weight percentage (w/w %) calculated from the atomic masses.


    Returns the chemical formula of the molecules, separating fragment formulas by dots, for example, salts, counterions, solvent molecules, and so on are present.


    Returns the chemical formula of the molecule separating fragment formulas by dots and listing isotopes separately.


    Returns the monoisotopic mass calculated from the weights of the most abundant natural isotopes of the elements.


    Returns the elemental composition, listing isotopes separately (w/w %).


    Returns the chemical formula of the molecule listing isotopes separately according to the Hill system.


    Returns the average molecular mass calculated from the standard atomic weights.


    Returns the chemical formula of the molecule according to the Hill system: the number of carbon atoms is indicated first, the number of hydrogen atoms next (including deuterium and tritium when using D and T symbols), and then the number of all other chemical elements subsequently, in alphabetical order. When the formula contains no carbon, all the elements, including hydrogen, are listed alphabetically. Formulas for polymers can also be calculated with these functions.