Canvas - MarvinSpace

    The canvas (or scene) is the image area that displays the molecular structures in 3D. This is also an area that accepts mouse input events, like mouse motion and mouse button clicks. These events are processed by the canvas and it reacts to them in a predefined manner (though the default behaviour can be changed easily).

    Events and actions

    Event Action Description
    Mouse movement + Left button Rotate Rotates the content of the scene (or the current cell in multiple cell view mode) about the two axes in the plane of the screen. If, however, mouse is moved outside the rotation sphere the scene is rotated around the third axis that is perpendicular to the screen.
    Mouse movement + Left button + Shift key or Mouse movement + Right button Move Moves the scene left-right and up-down.
    Mouse movement + Middle button Zoom Move the scene closer to or further from the viewer, depending on the direction of mouse motion.
    Mouse wheel Clipping Gradually removes parts of the structures that are near to the viewer's eyes.
    Middle button click Center Defines origin of the scene. The new origin (look at point) is the point where the mouse pointer was pointing at the click event.