Plexus Suite

    ChemAxon's Plexus Suite is a web-based software package incorporating ChemAxon's industry-leading chemistry capabilities to access, display, search and analyze scientific data.

    Plexus Suite aims to provide a wide range of solutions from the registration process, through virtual library design to data analysis and database management. It is a versatile system suitable to the workflows of organizations ranging from small biotech start-ups to large pharmaceutical companies.

    Plexus Suite has a modular and configurable, web services based architecture, which can be deployed through t hin client shared services across your organisation and external collaboration partners.

    Plexus Suite consists of various tools. Each of these tools adds specific knowledge to the major display and query tool, Plexus Connect. Currently, two tools are released: Plexus Connect and Plexus Design.

    1. Plexus Connect is the discovery user interface of the suite to access, display and query scientific data. It provides multi-user web access to browse in your data set organized either in tables or in custom designed forms which are particularly useful in the case of complex relational databases. With Connect, you can browse, sort and search chemical structures as well as alphanumeric data, build and save queries and search hits as lists.

    2. Plexus Design is the virtual library design solution of Plexus Suite. Synthetically feasible virtual compound libraries can be created in a few steps via scaffold based and reaction based enumeration. Plexus Design features a number of physicochemical properties characterizing molecules to help understand libraries you create

    3. ChemAxon Assay is a web-based assay data uploader and viewing tool for life science industries. ChemAxon Assay digests, captures and standardizes experimental data from xlsx files using manual or semi-automated workflows.