Exclude Hidden Rows

    It is possible to copy-paste structures without the hidden rows.

    To do this, follow the steps below.

    1. Select some structures on the worksheet after, for example, a structure filtering has been applied.

    2. On the Home tab of Excel, click Find & Select > Go To Special. images/download/attachments/1806804/Without_Hidden_Rows_1.png

    3. On the Go To Special dialog, select Visible cells only by using the corresponding radio button and click OK to close the dialog.

    4. Copy the selected structures to the clipboard by using the Ctrl+C shortcut or the Copy button on the ribbon.

    5. Select another worksheet and invoke the context menu then click Paste Special. images/download/attachments/1806804/Without_Hidden_Rows_3.png

    6. On the Paste Special dialog, click OK. images/download/attachments/1806804/Without_Hidden_Rows_4.png

    7. The structures are pasted without the hidden rows.