Updating a Multi-User IJC Installation

    If you are using a multi-user installation of IJC, you can install a plugin globally so that the plugin is available to all users. When you install or update a plugin using the Plugin Manager, IJC places the plugin .jar file and docs in your user directory. IJC places .jar files and docs for globally installed plugins in your installation directory instead of an individual user directory.

    To globally install a plugin:

    1. Choose Tools > Plugins to open the Plugin Manager.

    2. Click the Settings tab and then select Install into shared directories.

    3. Click the Available Plugins tab, select the Install checkbox for the plugin and click Install.

    4. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation of the plugin.

    5. Restart IJC to activate the new plugin, if necessary.

    {primary} In order to install a plugin globally, you must have write access for IJC installation directory.