Export Dialog

    In the Export dialog, you can save your structure in the selected format or as an image.
    Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S.

    Structure Export

    The structure export tab of the export dialog

    Supported Export Formats in Marvin JS

    Natively Marvin JS supports the MRV and MDL Mol(V2000) formats. Other export formats are also available through web services.

    The following export formats are supported natively:

    • ChemAxon Marvin Document (MRV)
    • MDL Molfile (V2000)

    The following export formats need web service:

    • MDL RXNfile
    • MDL RGfile
    • MDL RDfile
    • SMILES
    • ChemAxon SMILES
    • SMARTS
    • ChemAxon Extended SMARTS
    • InChI
    • InChIKey
    • Name
    • CML
    • MDL Molfile V3000
    • MDL RXNfileV3000
    • MDL RGfile V3000
    • MDL SDfile
    • ChemAxon Compressed Molfile
    • ChemAxon Compressed SDfile
    • CDX File Format
    • SKC File Format

    Image export

    The image export tab of the export dialog

    The image export parameters are as follows:

    • Format: PNG, JPEG (JPG).
    • Zoom mode: Fit and autoshrink.
    • Background: For PNG format, transparent and white. For JPEG format, only white background is available.
    • Width: The width of the image to be created in pixels.
    • Height: The height of the image to be created in pixels.