Import from Database in JChem for Office-Database Tab

    After connecting to a database and selecting a table, you can specify where and how to save the data.


    Data Mapping

    Data Placement

    By using the Max number of imported structures field, you can specify the maximum numbers to be imported. The default value is 50.

    Use Options > Data Mapping Limitations to change the default maximum value.

    Layout of structures

    You can specify how to display the imported structures in the Microsoft Office applications. The following options are available:

    • One structure per page with properties: Only one structure with its data is displayed per page/slide in the Microsoft Office applications.

    • Multiple structures: Structures with their data are displayed in tables in Microsoft Office applications. Specify the number of structures in a table. Values between 1-10 are accepted by the system, the default value is 10.

    Map Hit Coloring

    It is possible to apply structure filtering with hit coloring on records displayed on the Rows tab.

    You can specify whether hit coloring applied on the Rows tab is kept when mapping records to the document or not. The checkbox is not selected by default.

    Pressing the Next button switches to the Query tab.