Copying, Pasting, and Editing Structures in JChem for Office Lite

    As there is no JChem ribbon in Lite mode you can only paste structures with the Ctrl+V shortcut.

    It is possible to copy multiple structures from a chemical editor and paste them into Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook when using JChem for Office in Lite mode. On the other hand, you cannot paste multiple cells with structures when using Lite.

    The pasted structures are displayed according to the specified renderer. For more information about renderer options in JChem for Office Lite, see Structure Editor Options in JChem for Office Lite.

    You can easily edit any structure in your chemical editor of choice by double-clicking the structure. For more information about editor options in JChem for Office Lite, see Structure Renderer Options in JChem for Office Lite.

    After editing the structure and closing the chemical editor window the pasted structure is updated with the modifications in the Office application. In the case of MarvinSketch, you can change the display options in the editor and it will affect the pasted structure. For this to work, make sure that the editor is set to Marvin and the renderer is either set to Marvin or Automatic.

    It is possible to paste structures to Excel and edit them with a JChem for Office Lite license. In this case, the JChem for Office installer must be used and switched to Lite mode, as the Lite installer does not contain the necessary JChem for Excel resources.