Services Tab

    The Services Module provides seamless integration of third-party calculations into Marvin Sketch.

    You can add and configure the desired calculations in the Services tab. The set services can be used from the Services menu afterward.


    Preferences Services Tab

    Name Icon Description
    Move up service images/download/thumbnails/1805727/up_arrow24.png Moves the selected service up.
    Move down service images/download/thumbnails/1805727/down_arrow24.png Moves the selected service down.
    Add service images/download/thumbnails/1805727/add24.png Adds a new service to the list.
    Remove service images/download/thumbnails/1805727/remove24.png Removes a service from the list.
    Open Service Configuration from URL images/download/thumbnails/1805727/url24.png Opens a previously set configuration of services from a URL.
    Import Service Configuration from file images/download/thumbnails/1805727/open24.png Imports a previously set configuration XML file.
    Export Service Configuration to file images/download/thumbnails/1805727/save24.png Export the set services to a configuration XML file.