Create Group Dialog

    This dialog makes it possible to create many groups along with setting their properties.


    The following groups are available:

    • Anypolymer (anyp)

    • Component (c)

    • Copolymer (co)

    • Copolymer, alternating (alt)

    • Copolymer, block (blk)

    • Copolymer, random (ran)

    • Crosslink (xl)

    • Generic ()

    • Graft (grf)

    • Mer (mer)

    • Modification (mod)

    • Monomer (mon)

    • Multiple group (e.g. 3)

    • Ordered mixture (f)

    • Repeating unit with repetition range (e.g 2,4-6)

    • R-group

    • SRU polymer (n)

    • Superatom (abbreviation)

    • Unordered mixture (mix)

    For more information regarding groups, see Substructure Groups in MarvinSketch.

    Information about charges on groups, see Charge of the Group.