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    Single bond

    Default bond setting. It is also a combo button : the other types of bonds can be selected from a sub-menu, after clicking on the black triangleimages/download/attachments/5318775/image2015-10-14_15_37_2.pngin the lower-right corner of the button.

    What kind of bonds are available in Marvin JS?

    You can also use keyboard shortcuts to choose a bond type to connect two atoms or alter an already existing bond. See the complete list of chemical bonds available in Marvin JS and their respective keyboard shortcuts in the table below.

    Bond symbol Bond type Shortcut
    images/download/attachments/5311065/draw.png Drawing Ctrl+D
    images/download/attachments/5310903/SingleBond.png Single bond 1
    images/download/attachments/5311065/double.png Double bond 2
    images/download/attachments/5311065/triple.png Triple bond 3
    images/download/attachments/5311065/aromatic.png Aromatic bond 4
    images/download/attachments/5311065/singleUp.png Single Up wedge bond 5
    images/download/attachments/5311065/singleDown.png Single Down wedge bond 6
    images/download/attachments/5311065/singleUpOrDown.png Single Up or Down query bond 7
    images/download/attachments/5311065/doubleCisOrTrans.png Double Cis or Trans query bond -
    images/download/attachments/5311065/doubleCisOrTransOrUnspecified.png Double C/T or Unspecified query bond -
    images/download/attachments/5311065/singleOrDouble.png Single or Double query bond 12
    images/download/attachments/5311065/singleOrAromatic.png Single or Aromatic query bond 14
    images/download/attachments/5311065/doubleOrAromatic.png Double or Aromatic query bond 24
    images/download/attachments/5311065/anyBond.png Any query bond 0
    images/download/attachments/5311065/coordinate.png Coordinate bond -
    images/download/attachments/5311065/positionVariation.png Position variation bond -

    How to draw a bond:


    Selecting a bond type and clicking or dragging on the canvas will create a new bond with the default length and with carbon atoms on both ends.

    You can also draw a new bond by dragging from an already existing atom or clicking on it with an active bond tool.

    images/download/attachments/5309968/Video_new_30.pngWatch how to draw Position variation bond.

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