Registering from the Submission page

    Submissions from the Staging area can be opened on the Submission correction page, from where, after getting registrar's attention, can be again sent for registration.


    Submissions can be assigned to other users, who can decide about the structure registration, e.g. registrations involving matching structures, adding proper additional data, etc .

    Assigning a submission from the Submission page

    This assignment can be done by first clicking Find and then on the suggestion list the Assign to button or clicking to Register and then on the suggestion list the Assign to button. Please find more information about this here: Assign.

    The logged-in user can select the assignee of the submission from a list of users. The list contains a ll users (from the DB and from external sources). At the top of this list the recent selection , the last 5 choices are shown and below this, the list of all users is shown.

    The username, e-mail address and full name properties of a user are displayed in the user selector dropdown and are all searchable through a typeahead filter. Advanced typeahead quick filter* of user drop-down is also available during the assignment.

    • fuzzy search (approximate string matching) is introduced to match users even if the query is misspelled.

      images/download/attachments/5314826/im1.png images/download/attachments/5314826/12.png
      The list of users - Recent selection and the list of All users *The list of users - Search on the username, e-mail, and full name and all user properties***

    ** search will be performed on the configured custom user attributes

    {info} The last user choice will always determine the new default assignee for the given user in the given web browser.

    A user (e.g. a registrar) can also quickly assign a submission back to the original creator. For this, the "Select original creator of submission" button will be available.

    images/download/attachments/5314826/4.png images/download/attachments/5314826/5.png
    The "Select original creator of submission" button is available. After clicking the "Select original creator of submission" button, the submission creator user appears in the user list.

    {info} If the E-mail notification is ON, the users will get notifications via E-mail upon the assignment of submissions.

    There are three types of notations for the Assigned to field on the Submission page:

    Assigned to the current user
    Assigned to another user


    When registering non-matching structures, the registered compound will always get a new registration ID. In case of matching multicomponent structures, a match list appears, where the user can decide about the compound to be registered: to get a new ID (Register as unique), to move it under an existing tree (Accept) or to move it under an existing tree, but changing the structure (Replace). In the case of Single or No Structures, the operation is based on the same logic as on the Registration page.

    {info} From version 19.20.0-1910071220 submissions are auto-saved if users hit the "Register" button. For example, if you do a structure modification on the submission page, but there is still a validation error with e.g the LnbRef and you click Register your change will be saved (like with the More actions - Save functionality).

    Show history

    From version 19.20.0-1910071220 when a submission is created, a History page (Figure Submission History) contains all the structural changes that were applied to the drawn structure.

    The Show history menu on the Submission page

    If no changes are to be applied to the drawn structure, the saved and drawn structure images are the same and the report contains the following (Figure Submission History with no changes):

    • No standardizations were applied

    • No Structure Checker fixers were applied

    Submission History for a record that was not changed

    The changes, if any, are found in the "Saved structure" image, which is different from the "Drawn structure" and are found in a report in two different sections (Figure Submission History with changes):

    • Applied Standardizer Actions

    • Applied Structure Checker fixers actions

    The desired standardization/normalization rules and structure checkers should be pre-configured on the Administration/Chemistry/Standardizer and Structure checker pages.

    {primary} The Structure Checker Report is being calculated in the StructureCheckerValidator workflow step. If you want to have them in your history, you have to include them in your workflows. Based on the location of the validator in the workflow (the validators run in the order they appear on the Administration page > Workflow > Workflow steps. - changing the order needs an application restart. )

    E.g: If you want to see Structure Checker Report when a Registration fails with DuplicateLnbRef you have to include the StructureCheckerValidator before the LnbRefValidator in your workflows.

    Submission History for a record that was changed

    {primary} Standardizer actions and Structure Checker fixers are NOT listed currently when the submission is accepted to be a new lot (or version) of an existing compound in the database (e.g. when assigning a submission from the Registration page from the Find or Suggestions window).

    You can find here a timeline with information about every registration attempt, manually save, assignment and change to a previous state. You can see the original structure and every structure modification in chronological order (newest at the top - oldest at the bottom).

    Submission History page containing more states of the submission

    If you do modification in structure and/or in additional data, you will have a 'user-initiated a registration attempt' or 'user manually saved the submission state' message in the history (depending on whether you used the Save or Assign button). You can see the modification in structure if any, but changes in additional data are not listed here.

    {info} Custom structure checkers and source-based checkers are also displayed here.


    When a submission is modified, a Restore page (Figure Restore) contains the changes that were applied. With the help of this function, it is possible to restore the submission to a previous state.

    The Restore menu on the Submission page

    From version 19.20.0-1910071220, if no changes were made, the history for this submission will be empty (Figure Restore with no history) and if there are changes later the new states can be seen in chronological order, newest at the top, oldest at the bottom (Figure Restore with history).

    (In older versions the order in the history from top to the bottom was: current state, oldest state - newest state.)

    Restore page for a record that was not changed

    Restore states for a record that was changed

    Restore process: Click to the previous state you would like to restore e.g. restore the first state (benzene) and click to the Restore button. You can see in the Before restore and After restore pictures that the structure has been changed to the previous state (benzene) and the lately added comment has been removed.

    Restore first state

    Before restore

    After restore