Graphical boxes


    Default graphical object setting. It is also a combo button : the other types of graphical objects can be selected from a sub-menu, after clicking on the black triangle in the lower-right corner of the button.

    What kind of graphical objects are available in Marvin JS?

    Graphical object symbol Graphical object name
    images/download/attachments/5311058/image2015-2-5_15_15_30.png Rectangle
    images/download/attachments/5311058/image2015-2-5_15_15_46.png Ellipse

    How to draw a graphical object

    images/download/attachments/5311122/image2015-2-10_13_49_5.png images/download/attachments/5311122/image2015-2-10_13_53_13.png

    To draw a shape, choose the Rectangle or Ellipse tool, then drag the mouse cursor until the shape reaches the desired size.

    Grey feedback shows what the real box will look like.

    The size, shape and color of the object can be changed afterwards as well.

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