Bond Pop-up Menu

    The bond pop-up menu appears when you right-click on a bond within the molecule. It allows you to make a number of changes to the selected bond. It contains options for bond-specific activities that also can be accessed from the Bond Menu.

    Menu Item Submenu Items Description
    Type Single Changes the selected bond type to Single.
    Double Changes the selected bond type to Double.
    Triple Changes the selected bond type to Triple.
    Aromatic Changes the selected bond type to Aromatic.
    Wedge bond types Changes the selected bond to a Wedge bond type to represent a stereo bond: Single Up or Single Down. These bond types are active only in 2D.
    Query bond types Changes the selected bond to a bond type to be used in a query: Single Up or Down, Double Cis or Trans, Double C/T or Unspec, Single or Double, Single or Aromatic, Double or Aromatic, Any.
    Coordinate Changes the selected bond type to Coordinate.
    Bold Thickens the selected bond.
    Hashed Changes the selected bond hashed.
    Topology The following options can be set as bond property when the molecule is used as a query.
    None Removes defined bond topologies.
    In Ring The specified bond must be in a ring to score a hit.
    In Chain The specified bond must be in a chain to score a hit.
    Reacting Center The following bond property options can be set in case of drawing reaction search queries. See Reacting center bond for further query feature descriptions.
    None Removes added bond property.
    Center Specifies that the bond takes part in the reaction.
    Make or Break The assigned bond can form or disappear in the reaction.
    Change The assigned bond remains and can alter during the reaction.
    Make and Change The assigned bond can form, break,or change its type during the reaction.
    Not Center The assigned bond can not be the reaction center.
    Stereo Search Uses stereoconfiguration of specified double bond when the molecule is used as a query.
    Arrange Bring to Front Brings the selected bond in front of the others.
    Send to Back Sends the selected bond to the back of the others.
    Align Horizontally Orients the selected bond horizontally.
    Vertically Orients the bond vertically.
    Group... Creates a custom Substructure Group (S-group)
    Add/Remove Explicit Hydrogens Add/Removes explicit H atoms, removes/add implicit H atoms.
    Map Atoms
    Data Attaches data
    Multi-Center Adds a multi-center attachment point representing a group of atoms.
    Position Variation Bond Create a variable point of attachment to represent a connection point to a group of atoms.
    Transformation Drag selection
    Rotate in 3D Options for rotation
    Format... Formats color, thickness and length of the selected bond.
    Add to My templates Adds the bond to the Advanced Template Toolbar
    Edit properties.. Adds bond properties.