Coordination System Error

    • Checker searches for errors in the use of coordinative bonds:

      • 2 multicenters connected with a bond;

      • coordinated atom is connected to an atom of the same multicenter with a coordinative bond;

      • multicenter merged with one of its atoms.

    • Fixer offers deleting the wrong bond (removebond).

      Example :

      Coordination System Error Checker (coordsystem) Warning: Fix
      Delete bond (removebond)
      Detect coordinative bond images/download/attachments/5313092/ex_coord_ch.png ex_coord_ch images/download/attachments/5313092/ex_coord_f.png ex_coord_f
      Detect coordinative bond images/download/attachments/5313092/ex_coord_ch02.png ex_coord_ch images/download/attachments/5313092/ex_coord_f02.png ex_coord_f