Registering Molecules in the Corporate Database

    Plexus Connect can be integrated with ChemAxon's Compound Registration system to allow the registration of new chemical entities, for instance, from a new library design or from external sources, in the corporate database.

    Molecules can be sent to be registered one by one by right-clicking on them in a grid or a form view and selecting Register from the context menu.

    Please note that registration works only for those users who have an account in both systems, i.e. , the same username has to exist both in your Plexus Suite and in your Compound Registration system.

    When the registration is successful and the submitted molecule passes the validation, the molecule will be added to the corporate database and a new corporate ID will be generated for it:


    You can check the registered compound and its properties in your Compound Registration system:


    When the registration fails for a submitted molecule, an error message will appear with details about why the molecule failed to pass the validation.