MarvinView 3D and animation

    Parameter Meaning Default
    animate Start an XYZ animation sequence, or starts rotating the specified 3D molecule(s). Possible values: off, all, or a comma-separated list of molecule indices (0...n-1). Note: This parameter does not apply to beans, only to applet. off
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-delay"></a>animDelay Delay (seconds) before repeating the animation. 0
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-anim"></a>animFPS Number of frames per second in 3D animation. 10
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-sync"></a>animSync Whether the animations in different cells should be synchronized. false
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-ball"></a>ballRadius Ball radius for "ballstick" rendering mode, in units of covalent radius. 0.5
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-render"></a>rendering Rendering style. wireframe - wireframe wireknobs - wireframe with knobs sticks - 3D sticks ballstick - ball & stick * spacefill - balls wireframe
    script script0 script1 script2 ... Script containing a subset of RashMol commands delimited by semicolons. If this applet parameter is specified, then the mol parameter is neglected. The molecule(s) must be loaded using the load command in the script. Note: To load the script from a file, use the script command: <param name="script" value="script myscript.spt">
    spin spin0 spin1 spin2 ... Spinning rate and axis for animated molecules. Spinning rate is specified in degrees per second, the axis is specified with a 3D vector. Numbers are separated by commas. Note: XYZ animations do not spin by default, only if this parameter is set. 36,0,1,0
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-stick"></a>stickThickness 3D stick diameter for "sticks" and "ballstick" rendering modes, in Angstroms. 0.1
    <a name="src-5315302-marvinview3dandanimation-wire"></a>wireThickness line thickness for "wireframe" and "wireknobs" rendering modes in Angstroms. 0.064