Introduction to MarvinSketch

    MarvinSketch is an advanced chemical editor for drawing chemical structures, queries and reactions.

    It has a rich (and growing) list of editing features, is chemically aware and is able to call ChemAxon's structure based calculation plugins for structures on the canvas.

    Rich editing

    • Easily accessible chemical drawing functions, a lot of shortcuts;

    • Convenient editing in 2D and 3D;

    • 2D and 3D cleaning of the structures;

    • Pre-defined structure templates and user-defined custom templates;

    • Abbreviated groups;

    • Chemical name (IUPAC or traditional), CAS Registry Numbers® or InChi / RInChI can be pasted onto the canvas and get converted into chemical structures directl y;

    • Wide range of file types supported: MRV, CDX, SKC, SDF, RDF (V2000/V3000), RXN, MOL, MOL2, SMILES, SMARTS, InChI/RInChI, CML, FASTA, etc .;

    • Copy and paste between different chemical editors; drag&drop feature;

    • Inserting editable chemical structures (as Marvin OLE objects) into MS Office documents;

    • Advanced query features;

    • Handling polymers and biomolecules;

    • User definable customizable styles (fonts, colors, structure representations, etc. );

    • Drawing and formatting shapes, arrows and text boxes;

    • Multipage documents and printing support.

      Chemically aware

    • Isotopes, charges, radicals, lone pairs and aliases;

    • Error checking (valence error and structure checking);

    • Advanced stereochemical functions;

    • Structure based Calculator Plugins - for calculations of different chemical properties - can be called directly from MarvinSketch;

    • Structure query design (R-logic, SMARTS properties, etc. );

    • Manual and automatic mapping for reaction drawing;

      Cross platorm delivery

    • Marvin can run on all major operating systems;

    • .NET package makes it available to integrate MarvinSketch into .NET applications.