Text dialog

    In Text dialog there is a possibility to create formatted texts. The available editing features are the following: bold, italic, subscript, superscript, and you also can insert symbols. (See the list of symbols below.)


    How to write text onto the canvas

    Select the Text tool, then left click on an empty place on the canvas. In the opening Text dialog you can create and format the text.



    How to insert symbols

    Symbols can be inserted by the symbol button, and also can be typed if there are keyboard shortcut for them.

    List of the available Symbols

    Name Symbol
    alpha α
    beta β
    gamma γ
    delta δ
    epsilon ε
    zeta ζ
    eta η
    theta θ
    iota ι
    kappa κ
    lambda λ
    mu μ
    nu ν
    xi ξ
    pi π
    rho ρ
    sigma σ
    tau τ
    upsilon υ
    phi φ
    chi χ
    psi ψ
    omega ω
    Celsius °C
    Fahrenheit °F
    Angstrom Å
    degree sign °
    latin small letter H with stroke ?
    plus-minus ±
    per mille
    square root
    leftwards arrow
    rightwards arrow
    left right arrow
    leftwards arrow with stroke images/download/attachments/5310027/image2015-4-20_18_25_10.png
    rightwards arrow with stroke images/download/attachments/5310027/image2015-4-20_18_32_56.png
    r ightwards harpoon over leftwards harpoon images/download/thumbnails/5310027/image2015-4-20_18_15_17.png
    n-ary product
    n-ary summation
    partial differential
    increment Δ
    almost equal to
    not equal to
    less than or equal to
    greater than or equal to

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