New Features in IJC Q4 2015

    New Security roles

    Print, Export, Copy and Copy to MS Office actions are disabled based on new ROLE_EXPORT_DATA. Create Script and Edit Script actions are disabled based on new ROLE_EDIT_SCRIPT. No IJC schema upgrade is needed, but these two new roles will be automatically made available after connecting IJC to the database.The description of the user roles can be found here.

    You need to update your security configuration and map these two new roles to your LDAP/AD groups, otherwise your user will not have these roles and consequently will not be able to export/print/copy or create/edit scripts.

    The ROLE_EXPORT_DATA now also controls Cut action and several list actions such as 'Edit list', 'Export list to a file' and 'Copy/Cut' list.

    Spotfire 6 and 7 support

    Spotfire bridge plugin available for versions 6.0 and 7.0.

    New form scripting hooks

    New events are available on a form -- onInsertRows and onDeleteRows . They can be used to customize 'New row' and 'Delete rows' actions.

    Container widgets (Panel, Tabbed Panel) selection and insertion troubles in design mode fixed.

    Print and Print Preview improvements and support for Japanese, Korean and Chinese

    Print and print preview actions produce output scaled down to A4 portrait format (width = 210 mm) if natural form size is larger. Print to file action produces always original form size (no change). Print dialog has changed to default Java print dialog.

    Support for Japanese, Korean and Chinese fonts in PDF (created via Print to file action or Print preview action)

    Import improvements

    Import list from file based on other than ID field fixed