Periodic table dialog


    How to draw an atom via the Periodic table

    • Open the Periodic table dialog by clicking on the Periodic table button on the Atoms Toolbar.

    • Click the atom button you would like to choose.

    • The dialog closes and the selected atom appears on the tip of the mouse cursor.

    • Put the atoms on the desired place by clicking on the canvas as many times as it is needed.

      How to set an Atom list

    • Choose the Atom list button on the lower left corner in the Periodic table dialog.

    • The selected button is indicated by green, and an OK button appears on the bottom of the dialog.

    • Select the atoms you would like to have in your list. The selected atoms are indicated in grey.

    • Click OK.

    • The dialog closes and selected elements of the atom list appear on the tip of the mouse cursor.

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