Periodic Table Dialog


    Periodic Table Dialog

    Draw an Atom through the Periodic Table

    1. Open the Periodic table dialog by clicking the Periodic table button on the Atoms toolbar.

    2. Click the atom button you would like to choose.

    3. The dialog closes and the selected atom appears on the tip of the mouse cursor.

    4. Put the atoms on the desired place by clicking on the canvas as many times as it is needed.

    Set an Atom List

    1. Choose the Atom list button on the lower-left corner in the Periodic table dialog.

    2. The selected button is indicated by blue, and an OK button appears on the bottom of the dialog.

    3. Select the atoms you would like to have on your list. The selected atoms are indicated in gray.

    4. Click OK.

    5. The dialog closes and selected elements of the atom list appear on the tip of the mouse cursor.