Keymap Tab

    It is possible to define and switch between Keymap Schemes.

    Each Scheme is a different shortcut-set.

    On the Keymap tab, you can browse all available commands of MarvinSketch to define shortcuts to any of the commands.


    Only one scheme can be active at a time.

    To activate a scheme, click the Activate button.

    If a scheme is based on another it means that all of the shortcuts are inherited from the base scheme, although, they can be overwritten one-by-one.

    Duplicating a scheme will create and activate a new scheme which will be based upon the previously selected one.

    Schemes—except the default one—can be removed.

    Adding shortcuts

    To add a shortcut, follow the steps below.

    1. Click the Add button.

    2. When the Add Shortcut dialog opens, press the desired key or keys.

    3. Click OK. The shortcut can be used now.


    If the shortcut already exists, a warning message appears and shows which command uses the shortcut.

    By clicking the Tab button the Tab key can be mapped as a shortcut.

    By clicking the Clear button you can remove a shortcut from the field.

    Keymapping can be defined on the server-side as well.