ChemAxon Assay

    Assay data or analytical data can both be generated by in-house scientists or by a contract research organization (CRO). The processed data is created by various tools as a result of in vivo, in vitro, pharmacokinetic or other experiments. The data is often stored in files or silos so Assay provides an easy upload possibility for processed data. It can capture, store, query and share typical assay procedures, designs and data or other analytical data. ChemAxon Assay fits perfectly into the ChemAxon Synergy platform and is ready to be used together with Compound Registration, Plexus Connect and other ChemAxon and non-ChemAxon tools.

    Main capabilities of Assay:

    • define assay procedures and processed data types,

    • set validation rules and aggregation logics for result types,

    • upload excel files containing processed data in form of tasks,

    • standardize processed data using the defined assay protocols and parameter types,

    • simplify processed data file setup based on previous uploads,

    • browse the uploaded data.

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