Keyboard Shortcuts in Marvin JS

    General Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcut Function
    Esc Closes the dialog boxes; Activates the Selection Tool if there is no selection on the canvas (The default selection tool will be the active tool)
    Del Deletes any selection on the canvas, and deletes an atom or bond for hover-over without selection, too
    Ctrl+Del Clears the canvas
    Ctrl+O Opens the Import Dialog window
    Ctrl+S Opens the Export Dialog window
    Ctrl+Z Performs undo action
    Ctrl+Y Performs redo action
    Ctrl+A Select all
    Ctrl+X Cut
    Ctrl+C Copy
    Ctrl+V Paste
    Enter Zoom All
    Ctrl + Enter Zoom to selection
    Ctrl + D Activates the Drawing tool

    Shortcuts for Setting Atoms

    Keyboard shortcut Function
    Typing the symbol of any of the known elements places the appropriate atom on the cursor.
    D Places the deuterium atom symbol on the cursor
    T Places the tritium atom symbol on the cursor
    R+Space Opens the R-group Dialog.
    Typing the symbol of any of the query atoms places the appropriate atom on the cursor.
    . Opens the atom query properties dialog.
    Space Opens the Abbreviated Groups Dialog.
    Typing the symbol of any of the Abbreviations or Homology groups places the appropriate atom on the cursor.

    Shortcuts for Setting Bond Types

    Keyboard Shortcut Bond type
    Ctrl+D Drawing
    1 Single bond
    2 Double bond
    3 Triple bond
    4 Aromatic bond
    5 Single Up wedge bond
    6 Single Down wedge bond
    7 Single Up or Down query bond
    - Double Cis or Trans" query bond
    - Double C/T or Unspecified query bond
    12 Single or Double query bond
    14 Single or Aromatic query bond
    24 Double or Aromatic query bond
    0 Any query bond
    - Coordinate bond

    Usage of the Shift button

    Context of usage Function
    During 3D rotation with dragging the mouse cursor Sets the rotation to the horizontal and vertical axis.
    Atom or abbreviation drawing Sprouting from an atom.
    During merging template to an atom or bond Before releasing the left mouse button, pressing Shift button repeatedly rotates the template to the right orientation..
    Selection More than one unconnected structural parts can be selected simultaneously.
    Bond drawing by bond tool Changes the direction of the newly formed bond.
    Drawing tool The drawing points are forming a pentagon instead of hexagon.
    Rotating Sequential rotation instead of incremental.
    Moving the rotation center Prevents the center from snapping to its original place, if the new center is too close to the original.
    Abbreviated group drawing Expands the abbreviated group before merging to the canvas.