Plexus Connect - Saved Queries

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    Building up complex filters (queries) can take a lot of time. If you use the same search criteria often, you might want to save your filters (query criteria) instead of constructing them every time you want to search and filter in your data set. In Plexus Connect, you can save filters and then use them for filtering down your data. You can also delete them or change their names.

    Saving filters

    When you open a searchable database view (grid or form view), and build up a filter, you have to run it first in order to make the Save Filter button appear. A click on this button adds the current filter to the list of your previously saved ones.


    Once you have created a saved filter, it will be available only from your own user account. If you want to give access to some of your saved filters to other users as well, you can share these filters with them from the Instant JChem desktop application.

    Using saved filters

    Filtering by You can reach your saved filter collection from the Saved filters tab of the search panel. This tab contains each saved filter which belongs to the same source data (IJC schema) and which was either created by yourself or was shared with you.


    If you want to use a saved filter to query your dataset, you have to select it with a single click on the Saved Filters panel. Once a filter has been selected, the Filter button became active on the Saved Filters panel. Clicking on the Filter button runs the query based on the conditions saved in the selected filter. By clicking on the Show filter definition button, the Filter panel appears displaying the filtering conditions of your saved filter.


    Renaming a saved filter

    You can rename a filter by selecting it first and then clicking on the name of the filter. Type the new name in the text editor box and press Enter to save the changes. If you want to cancel the renaming, either press Esc or simply click out of the editor.


    Deleting a saved filter

    In order to delete a saved filter, select the filter to be deleted and click on the images/download/thumbnails/20424215/X_icon.png button in its right upper corner. A confirmation dialog window appears where you need to confirm your action. Please note, you must be the owner of a saved filter in order to delete it.