Upgrade guide

    For upgrading Compound Registration, please shut down the Java web container e.g. Tomcat and deploy the downloaded WAR-file. It must contain a newer version of Compound Registration than the one previously installed. Please follow the manual of your Java web container application on how to deploy an application. Before restarting the web container, run the database migration script using the command line tool:

    {info} When upgrading to 19.20.0-1910071220 or later using MySQL database, the MySQL JDBC driver has to be copied into the RegistryCxn/lib directory before running the upgrade script.

    {info} When upgrading from a version before 17.06.12-1738 you need to set up the REGISTRYCXN_HOME environment variable as the homedirectory (more details here).

    To skip the installation wizard, set the following property within the $REGISTRYCXN_HOME/config/registry.properties file:

    ./RegistryCxn install -migrateSchema