Event Handling

    The figure below shows the event handling options.


    Keyboard Events

    Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V runs JChem for Office Copy/Paste

    Use this option to specify whether JChem for Office handles Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V events or not. You can easily copy-and-paste structures between MS Office applications when JChem for Office handles the keyboard events.

    The available values for this option are as follows:

    • TRUE

    • FALSE

    The default value is TRUE.

    When the value is set to TRUE, pasted textual structure formats are automatically recognized as structures. When the value is set to FALSE, the text is pasted into Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook without converting it to a structure.

    Mouse Events

    Double-click Opens Structure Editor

    If this option is set to TRUE, JChem for Office handles mouse click events. This means that when double-clicking on a structure, the editor opens automatically.