Add a PostgreSQL Connection in JChem for Office

    In the case of PostgreSQL databases, it is possible to connect to tables and views.

    It is possible to connect to PostgreSQL databases through a JChem Web Service.

    To add a PostgreSQL connection, follow the steps below.

    1. Click the Import ribbon button under the Database group.

    2. Click Add Connection or right-click the Connections root node and select Add Connection from the context menu. By default, the Save Password and the Encrypt Password checkboxes are ticked.

    3. Select the PostgreSQL tab on the Manage Connections form.

    4. Enter the Connection Name.

    5. Enter the User Name and the Password.

    6. Enter the hostname or IP address where the PostgreSQL database can be found.

    7. Enter the port number.

    8. Enter the database name of the PostgreSQL database.

    9. Specify the schema name, public is used by default. The schema name is stored in Connections.xml, which can be found under C:\Users\<current user> \AppData\Roaming\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel.

    10. Click OK to save the connection.