Import from File

    It is possible to import structures and associated data from various file formats.

    The following file formats are supported:

    • ChemAxon MRV

    • MDL SD File (this group of files may include filetypes having different extensions, for example, .rgf, which means SDF format containing R-group definitions or .csrgf, which is the compressed format of .rgf.)

    • MDL RD File

    • List of SMILES strings

    • List of ChemAxon extended smiles strings

    • List of IUPAC names

    • Different types of documents with Document to Structure license (see more in Import with Document to Structure in JChem for Excel topic)

    • A part of structure file formats is supported as well (see also in Open Structure Files topic)

    {info} Use this function to import structures from file formats that support multiple structures. To import individual structures use the Insert Single Structures function.