Double Bond Stereo Error

    • Checker searches for either double bonds that do not correspond to asymmetric double bonds that can exist as two different isomers (e.g. terminal double bonds, double bonds in rigid structural moieties).

    • Fixer offers converting the invalid either double bonds to plain double bonds.

      Example :

      Double Bond Stereo Error Checker(doublebondstereoerror) Warning: Fix
      Convert to Plain Double Bond(converttoplaindoublebond)
      Detect invalid either double bond images/download/attachments/20419245/checkinvalideitherdoublebond.png images/download/attachments/20419245/fixinvalideitherdoublebond.png
      Detect invalid either double bond images/download/attachments/20419245/checkinvalideitherdoublebond2.png images/download/attachments/20419245/fixinvalideitherdoublebond2.png

    {primary} Note, that either double bonds can be represented in two different ways. A crossed double bond representation is just the same as drawing a wavy bond next to the given double bond.