Query Atoms

    Default query atom setting. It is also a combo button: the other types of atoms can be selected from a sub-menu, after clicking on the black triangle of the lower-right corner of the button.

    The table below lists the available query atoms.

    Query atom symbol Included Atoms
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_1.png Any of the elements except hydrogen.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_2.png Heteroatom (any atom except carbon and hydrogen).
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_3.png Metal atom.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_4.png Halogen atom.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_5.png Any of the elements including hydrogen.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_6.png Any of the elements except carbon.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_7.png Metal atom or hydrogen.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_8.png Halogen atom or hydrogen.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_9.png Pseudo atom.
    images/download/attachments/20417136/Query_Atom_Symbol_10.png Quick access to Atom Query Properties Dialog.

    Draw a Query Atom

    1. Choose the appropriate query atom type from the combo box.

    2. The selected atom appears on the tip of the cursor.

    3. You can put it onto the canvas as many times as it is needed.

    {info} To draw a pseudo atom, open the Pseudo atom dialog. For more information, see Pseudo Atom Dialog.