Non-stereo Wedge Bond

    • Checker detects wedge bonds which are not connected to chiral centers.

    • Fixers: 1, flip wedge: reverses the endpoints of the wedge *

      2, clear wedge: replaces wedge bond by single bond

      Example :

      Non-stereo Wedge Bond Checker (nonstereowedgebond) Warning: Fix
      Flip wedge (flipwedge) Clear wedge (clearwedge)
      Detect non-stereo wedge bonds images/download/attachments/20419343/nonstereo1.png images/download/thumbnails/20419343/wedge4.png ## * images/download/thumbnails/20419343/nonstereo2.png
      images/download/thumbnails/20419343/1.1.png images/download/thumbnails/20419343/3.png images/download/thumbnails/20419343/2.png

      * In the vast majority of cases clean wedge fixer is recommended as the first choice because the flip wedge does not always mean solution.

    {primary} Atropisomers that are not recognized (due to limitations) might be incorrectly flagged as structures with Non-stereo Wedge Bonds. Therefore the usage of the fixers is not recommended.