Editing Schemas

    Editing Schemas

    IJC provides the Schema Editor for editing your Schema. This allows you to add, delete or modify tables, columns and constraints in your database. You do this by working with the higher level IJC objects, Entities, Fields and Relationships in the Schema Editor. The Schema Editor should be thought of as the 'expert tool' for editing your Schema. If you are just interested in basic import and viewing of data then you may not need to use the Schema Editor at all.

    Open the Schema Editor by double clicking on the node of the Schema (you must be connected) in the Projects window. Alternatively you can right-click on the Schema node and choose 'Edit Schema'. The Schema Editor will open.

    Whilst the Schema Editor provides the most powerful functionality for editing a Schema, some operations can be performed through other routes. For instance, you can create a new Entity and its corresponding database table(s) by right clicking on the Schema node and choosing from one of the New table options. A new Entity is also usually created when you import data. Similarly fields can be easily added to your schema from the views (Grid View in Instant JChem or Form View).

    By whatever means that the artifacts were created, they will all appear in the Schema Editor where they can be edited.

    {primary} Editing a Schema is only possible if you have sufficient access rights and have connected in single user mode. See the Security section of the Help for a more complete description


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