New Features in IJC Q3 2015

    Performance Improvements

    Improvement of performance of relational data export

    RDF import into existing entitites

    Added an ability for RDF import into existing entities. Truncate all data from existing entities and pass data from RDF file into existing (and empty) entities. This approach keeps widgets in existing forms bound to existing fields

    Default value for URL field

    A possibility to specify default value of URL field was added to "Create new field" and "Schema editor"


    HTTP authentication requests filtering

    Introduced netbeans.auth_url_excludes IJC startup option to ignore HTTP authentication requests for URLs that match the regex value of this option

    Time support in Date fields

    Date fields were enhanced to support time. Date with the time part can be displayed, edited, queried, imported and exported. Custom date format is used not only for displaying, but also for editing the values

    Multiple row editting

    Multiple rows can be edited form Grid View and from Table widget. New child data will be generated if needed.

    Also supports multi-editing by pressing F2 key.

    IJC Personal Server

    IJC Personal Server has been renamed to Spotfire/JChem4XCL integration. You can start or stop Spotfire/JChem4XCL integration using two different manners:

    • Right click on schema in Project explorer and choose Start/Stop Spotfire/JChem4XCL integration. This is similar as before. Integration starts directly without any additional dialog.

    • Select schema in Project explorer and choose new toolbar button Start/Stop Spotfire/JChem4XCL integration.

    Configuration of server IP address and port number can be found under Tools>Options>Misc>Other. Default is http://localhost:8080.

    Custom logos in printing

    User can specify one custom image file that can be (re)used later in printing header / footer definition tab. Chosen file is stored in user's preferences.