Electron Flow Arrow

    The default electron flow arrow is the Electron flow double arrow. The other types of arrows can be selected from a sub-menu, after clicking on the black triangle in the lower-right corner of the button.

    Electron flow arrow symbol Electron flow arrow type
    images/download/attachments/20417199/Electron_Flow_Single_Arrow_Icon.png Electron flow single arrow
    images/download/attachments/20417199/Electron_Flow_Arrow_Icon.png Electron flow double arrow

    Draw an Electron Flow Arrow from an Atom to an Atom

    1. Select the preferred type of electron flow arrow button.

    2. Drag the electron flow arrow from the electrons to the target atom or bond. A feedback of the arrow appears.


    {primary} Drawing electron flow arrows starting from lone pairs is only possible when the lone pair visibility is turned on in View settings.