Basic export options

    a, +a, +a_gen General aromatization. Example: " XXX :a"
    a_bas Basic aromatization. Example: " XXX :a_bas"
    a_loose Loose aromatization. Example: " XXX :a_loose"
    a_ambig Ambiguous aromatization. Example: " XXX :a_ambig"
    -a, -a_gen General Dearomatization. Example: " XXX :-a"
    -a_huckel Huckel dearomatization. Example: " XXX :-a_huckel"
    -a_huckel_ex Huckel dearomatization, throwing exception in case of failure. Example: " XXX :-a_huckel_ex"
    H, +H Add explicit Hydrogen atoms. Example: " XXX :H"
    -H Remove explicit Hydrogen atoms. Example: " XXX :-H"

    Here, XXX can be any molecule or image format like mrv, mol, smiles, cxsmiles, abbrevgroup, cml, jpeg, png or svg, but aromatization options have no effect on formats which do not store bond orders like cube, pdb and xyz.