Plexus Connect - History of Changes

    Oct 5th, 2020: 20.8.5 Long Term Supported Release (Fermium 5)

    Improvements and bugs fixed

    • A new set of operators has been introduced for filtering decimal numbers. It includes the “=” (equal to),”>=” (greater than or equal to), “<=” (less than or equal to) operators. (PC-1467)

    • Connect can be deployed outside of ROOT context. As a result of this functionality, the application is accessible by http://[host]/[context]. In the past, it was possible to deploy Connect as a root web application only by renaming the war file as ROOT.war before its deploying with Tomcat. (PC-1499)

    • Support for pick list functionality has been added. When a pick list field (a field predefined in IJC as a discrete set of values) is queried, only the list items can be used as search values. (PC-786)

    Aug 17th, 2020: 20.8.4 Long Term Supported Release (Fermium 4)

    Improvements and bugs fixed

    • URL links in grid/form views are now being opened in new tabs. (PC-1512)

    • In case of long field names, the full field name is displayed as a tooltip. (PC-1493)

    • View mode and rendering style options for structures are now being saved per view and user. (PC-1494)

    Jun 22nd, 2020: 20.8.3 Long Term Supported Release (Fermium 3)

    Improvements and bugs fixed

    • IJC's tooltip option is respected in Charts widget. This option is linked to the Card view functionality in Plexus Connect. (PC-1456)

    May 26th, 2020: 20.13.0

    No changes.

    May 18th, 2020: Initial Release: 20.8.2 Long Term Supported Release (Fermium 2)

    Improvements and bugs fixed

    • Structure rendering styles have been added. Molecule visualization parameters can be set as wireframe, ball-and-stick or space-filling view, 2D or 3D view. (PC-851)

    • Support for switching color schemes for structures has been added, such as an option for displaying structures monochromatically. (PC-1393)