MarvinView Display Parameters

    Parameter Meaning Default
    addRemoveHatomsEnabled Add/Remove > Explicit Hydrogens is enabled or disabled in the Edit menu. It will be disabled if this parameter is false. true
    autoTabScale Automatically change scale when component size changed. Only applicable to the MViewPane bean. false
    <a name="src-20424400-marvinviewdisplayparameters-back"></a>background Background color in hex. Sets the background color of the components (like menubar, toolbar, labels, and buttons), excluding the molecule canvas. See also: molbg
    confirmTransfer Displays a confirmation dialog window upon closing the structure editor window in case the structure has been altered. false
    <a name="src-20424400-marvinviewdisplayparameters-detach"></a>detachable Enable or disable popping up detached viewer window. If this parameter is true, the selected molecule can be displayed in a separate window by selecting the Window menu item in the popup menu or by double-clicking on the canvas. The viewer is not detachable if the detachable parameter is false. (See also editable.) true
    dispQuality Display quality. 0 - low quality, faster rendering 1 - high quality (antialiasing), slower rendering 1
    <a name="src-20424400-marvinviewdisplayparameters-molbg"></a>molbg Molecule background color in hex. To set different colors for some specified cells, use a comma-separated list of " i :#rrggbb" settings, where i is the cell index. For example, to set the default color to white and the color of cell 2 to red, use "#ffffff,2:#ff0000". See also: background
    <a name="src-20424400-marvinviewdisplayparameters-select"></a>selectedIndex Select the specified cell.
    <a name="src-20424400-marvinviewdisplayparameters-tab"></a>tabScale Magnification in the molecule table. Each cell has the specified magnification if positive. The scaling is automatic if negative (-1). -1
    transferButtonIcon Sets the location of a custom icon for the Transfer action.
    transferButtonText Sets the custom text for the Transfer action.
    transferButtonVisible Makes the Transfer button visible on the General Toolbar. true
    <a name="src-20424400-marvinviewdisplayparameters-win"></a>winScale Magnification in the zoom window. A 1.54 Å long C-C bond is magnified to winScale pixels. 26.4

    Simple Viewer applet example:

    <applet code="MView" width=100 height=100>
    <param name="molbg" value="/display/lts-fermium/">
    <param name="escapeChar" value="\">
    <param name="mol" value="Pyrrole\n
    M  END\n"></applet>