Draw Link Nodes

    To draw link nodes, follow the steps below.

    1. Right-click an atom to open the context menu,

    2. Select the required repetition number from the Link Node submenu. In this case, MarvinSketch out the outer (non-repeating) bonds automatically.

    Alternatively, link nodes can be drawn in the following way:

    1. Select the atom you would like to be the link node and two neighboring bonds for outer (non-repeating) bonds.

    2. Right-click anywhere on the canvas to open the context menu.

    3. Select the required repetition number from the Link Node submenu.

    The Link Node submenu is available through the Atom menu as well.

    If it is not possible to create a link node for the specified configuration (for example, at ring fusions) MarvinSketch displays an error message.

    Outer (non-repeating) bonds are denoted by brackets crossing them and the repetition numbers are put on the atom.

    All portions of the molecule connected to the link atom through non-outer bonds are supposed to repeat together with the atom.

    See the table below for examples.

    The molecule with link node Meaning
    images/download/thumbnails/20425227/ln02.png images/download/thumbnails/20425227/ln02_m.png
    images/download/thumbnails/20425227/ln03.png images/download/thumbnails/20425227/ln03_m.png
    images/download/thumbnails/20425227/ln01.png images/download/thumbnails/20425227/ln01_m.png

    To edit a link node repetition number or change outer bonds, repeat the drawing steps above.

    To change a link atom into an ordinary atom again, select Off from the Link Node submenu or just simply overwrite it.