3D Editing Toolbar

    This toolbar is not visible by default. It contains functions that can be useful in editing the structures in 3D.

    To make it visible, choose View > Toolbars > 3D editing.

    Toolbar item Icon Description
    Assign Atoms images/download/thumbnails/20424908/merging_mapper_tool24.png Maps atoms to merge.
    Merge images/download/thumbnails/20424908/directed_merge_in_3d24.png Merges assigned atoms.
    3D Plane images/download/thumbnails/20424908/3d_plane_tool24.png Alters the coordinates of the molecule to put the 3 selected atoms of the molecule onto the plane of the canvas.
    New Substituent images/download/thumbnails/20424908/entering_new_substituent_fragment24.png Adds a new fragment to the canvas.