Editing domains

    A domain in BioEddie is defined as a continuous stretch of peptide monomers or nucleotides in a single sequence component. It an be used to annotate any functionally or structurally distinguished region of a given sequence.

    Load the sequence of interest

    • Move your mouse cursor over a sequence until the component (not a monomer or bond) of interest is highlighted then double click

    • Sequence Editor will pop-up for further actions

    • In the section for domains, click on "+ Add New"

    • Add a name for the domain

    • Enter the position of the first and the last sequence residue in the domain

    • Click on "Done" to complete the addition

    • Add more domains if required to the same sequence by repeating the steps above

    • Please note, that any sequence residue can only be part of one domain, i.e. overlapping domains are not supported.


    By default a domain displayed on the canvas view in expanded state. The name (if provided) is visible inside the frame of the domain.


    A selected domain can be collapsed or expanded by using the images/download/thumbnails/20423485/collapse.pngand images/download/thumbnails/20423485/expand.png buttons.